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How do I begin and what to do after that?

Getting started on your golf fitness journey with Hit It Great.

Make A Plan

First, set a realistic goal that fits your goals and lifestyle. For most golfers, following golf-specific training work 3 times each week will help promote improved flexibility and strength, add speed and distance, and increase energy levels during practice and play.

Choose Your Format

We have two types of training sessions; Workouts and Classes.

Workouts are designed for self-directed sessions at home or in the gym. Each workout provides a list of the exercises, step-by-step instructions, and a video to clearly demonstrate proper execution of the exercise. This format allow you to complete as many reps and sets as you prefer. 

If you enjoy this format, we encourage you to begin by alternating The Front 9 and The Back 9 workouts for the first 4 weeks. For example:

  1. Week 1
    1. Monday and Friday - The Front 9
    2. Wednesday - The Back 9
  2. Week 2
    1. Monday and Friday - The Back 9
    2. Wednesday - The Front 9

Classes are built to follow along from beginning to end. Simply start the video and let our coaching staff guide you through the session. If you prefer this format, here are a couple of good places to start:

If you're just getting back into training, choose Joey D's Dynamic Warmup or Mobility Work classes. 

For moderate fitness levels, try alternating Coach Noss's Upper Body Bias and Lower Body Bias for the first few weeks. For example:

  1. Week 1
    1. Monday and Friday - Upper Body Bias
    2. Wednesday - Lower Body Bias
  2. Week 2
    1. Monday and Friday - Lower Body Bias
    2. Wednesday - Upper Body Bias

Do The Work

Over the next few months you will be building a strong, golf-specific foundation for ongoing development. We have, and will continue to add, a variety of work to our platform. Many of the sessions will be focused on helping to improve specific parts of your body, or benefit specific areas of your game.

Custom Training Program Designed for You

To get the most benefit from your training time, consider a virtual online assessment and custom-designed training program specifically for your unique body and swing. This is how the Tour Pros work at the highest level of the game, and we're proud to offer this service to our subscribers. For more information, tap the "+" menu button at the bottom center of the app. Or, follow this link to learn more.

If you have specific questions about training, please submit a support request and we’ll help you get to work!