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How do I begin and what to do after that?

How to get started and how to make the most of your subscription to Hit It Great.

Where to Start

Optimizing your body for golf is a developmental process. Through years of Tour-proven experience our coaching staff knows how to build a solid foundation for all-around game improvement. Once the foundational work is complete, then it’s time to focus on particular areas of your body that need – well --more focus.

For best results, we recommend you work sequentially through the training programs in the manner they were designed by The Coaches to get you the most sustainable results.

If you are a Junior, start with Coach Joey D’s Junior Training Discover 1 and follow the workout calendar until you complete Program 1. Then, move on to Program 2, etc.

Junior training programs are designed to be a little shorter and a little less rigorous. It’s the ideal combination for younger, growing bodies to help the right ‘feel’ become more real in their golf swing.

If you are an adult, start with Coach Joey D’s Golf Fitness Training 1and follow the workout calendar until you complete Program 1. Then, move on to Program 2, etc.

Then What?

Once you have completed these developmental training plans over a number of months, you’re ready to move into more targeted training to address individual fitness challenges in your golf swing.


The best players in the world train almost every day to continue to maintain the highest level of golf-specific fitness and help prevent injury. You’ll have plenty of multi-week Total Body Golf Training programs to follow from the world’s best Coaches to keep things fun, engaging and interesting for years to come.

Targeted Training

If you know what your issues are, you’ll have plenty of multi-week training plans available to focus on balance, or speed, for example. And we’re adding more all the time.

Personal Fitness Consulting

If you want some help to determine the most efficient training program is for your goals and your game, you can schedule a private online physical assessment with one of our coaching staff via FaceTime or Skype. In it, you’ll learn exactly where and how your body is getting in the way of your progress, and get personalized recommendations for how to get the most benefit out of your time and subscription.

If you have specific questions about training, please submit a support request and we’ll help you get to work!